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Arrow 3x03 ‘Corto Maltese’ Sneak Peek (x)
"Let me stop you right there. I told myself that I would stand firm on a few points."

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On Friday October 17th Prince Carl Philip gave is first big interview on Swedish Television in the show ‘Hellenius Hörna’. In the show the Prince talked about his relationship with Sofia Hellqvist:

‘She [Sofia] is humble, down to earth, smart, intelligent and ambitious. In my eyes she is the best woman in the world' The prince contiued when he said: 'She’s an incredibly, amazing woman. I am the luckiest’  

Carl Philip also revealed a few details of his and Sofia’s engagement: ‘We were in our villa [when I proposed to her]' and about meeting the press with Sofia the Prince said: 

‘It was the first time that we have shown to the press officially together. I felt an incredible safety, to have her with me.’

When asked about their official wedding date Carl Philip only said: 

‘We have a wedding date that is very dear to us.’
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The Svenska Dagbladet daily reported late Saturday that Swedish authorities Thursday intercepted a distress call in Russian, on a radio frequency reportedly used by Russia for emergency calls, and that Sweden also detected encrypted radio traffic between a location outside of Stockholm and Russia’s Baltic enclave Kaliningrad. The daily said the information indicated a damaged Russian submarine in Swedish waters.

Swedish Forces Continue a Search for ‘Foreign Underwater Activity’ Outside Stockholm - WSJ - WSJ

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First russian drama, now ebola drama. Sweden will collaps of fear lol.

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Sweden hunts damaged Russian sub, Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) reports.


Sweden hunts damaged Russian sub, Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) reports.

A Russian distress call prompted Sweden’s hunt for “foreign underwater activity” in the Stockholm archipelago, newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) reports.

Swedish signals intelligence officials first heard an emergency call on Thursday evening, the newspaper said. Fourteen hours later, at around midday on Friday, a foreign vessel was spotted in the Stockholm archipelago.

Sweden intercepted further…

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So apperently Russians are hiding in the woods where i live. *goes out hunting*

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So it is strange that while Laurel is out dealing in a very ‘written’ way, it is Felicity who is left with the burden of emotion. Emily Bett Rickards is just the best thing about the show and she shows it here, stumbling through a range of emotions. She deals with Sara’s death as I imagine we all would; she isn’t a fighter, she’s a tech, she has an incessant need to make sense of things. Review for Arrow episode “Sara” 3x02 from www.gamenguide.com full article (via zendelingyoutube)
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"i’m sorry. i’m not going to wait with you."

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